Physical Therapy Testimonials

Our founders, the husband-and-wife team of Joe and Cathy Caro Scarpitto, have been treating patients since 1984. Together with our qualified staff, the ProCare team of licensed physical therapists specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine, back and neck injuries, industrial rehabilitation and pain management therapy. The Scarpittos were born and raised in the area. They have been providing their community with physical therapy – the ProCare way – since 1998. Their patients will be the first to tell you that choosing the right physical therapy team really makes a huge difference in your treatment, satisfaction and results. Here is what some of them are saying...


First of all, I would like to thank the entire staff at ProCare PT. I was completely satisfied with their front office service and most of all with their expertise in Physical Therapy. Joe and his staff treated me with the utmost professional care. I was concerned about the pain I was having but Joe and his staff worked with me and I am feeling like my old self. I really thank Joe and his staff.
- George


I had 2 surgeries: ruptured herniated disc with drop foot and numbness. I had ruptured herniated discs of the L3, L4 and L5 causing drop foot. I had severe pain from the sciatic with my first surgery. ProCare gave me the confidence I needed to be able to deal with many issues. I was taught to walk normally with a drop foot, they helped me to strengthen my muscles in my legs and upper part of my body. I was very pleased with everyone at ProCare. They are very caring people. Thank you ProCare.
- Lillian


This was my first time going to physical therapy and it was a pleasant experience. I went to the South Plainfield facility where the entire staff was always friendly and professional. I would definitely refer anyone that needs physical therapy to go to ProCare.
- Karen


You are the Best! Everyone is very friendly & attentive. Thank you to all! 
- Nelsy


On 7/31/2012 I started my physical therapy at ProCare after injuring my right calf muscle. I was diagnosed with a slight tear, which was very painful. Therapy was twice a week for 8 weeks at their new facility located at 201 Durham Road. The ProCare staff was very friendly, courteous and very caring. Their state of the art facility is immaculate and you have a staff member with you while you’re recovering. I am a returning client and would highly recommend Physical Therapy to anyone who wants to recover faster.
- Bill


The staff and therapists at ProCare are extremely professional and polite. Always extremely professional and polite. Always displays a caring attitude to all clients. I started PT with debilitating back pain and finished my therapy able to walk and perform all exercises. It was a great experience.
- Gail


ProCare is a very nice place. Everyone is friendly and you get good treatment. God bless everybody there.
- Anonymous  


Several weeks ago I came for the pain in my back. Alex did a wonderful job in making me feel like a new person. Thank to Alex!
- Anonymous


Joe, Cathy, Mel and the rest of the staff at ProCare PT provide individual care and instruction to all their patients. For me, they created a custom therapy plan to rehab my hamstring. Their program helped me heal even faster than I expected. I would recommend ProCare PT to anyone with any injury seeking physical therapy. ProCare PT is the best.
- Michael


Physical Therapy has given me my life back. I honestly know that I could never have improved even half this much on my own. All of the PTs are compassionate and understanding with the right amount of drive to push me. I always have individual attention. Each one of them have taught me what and how to do things on my own. I’ve had therapy at both locations and have been treated by all of the staff with respect and kindness. As I approach my last visit I will be saddened to leave but I know I will be able to continue to achieve on my own because of the knowledge they have given me.
- Donna


Clean and pleasant surroundings. Very knowledgeable staff. Wide array of exercise equipment. Cheerful and happy staff.
- Anonymous


I like the physical therapy I’m receiving. I looked at two other places and I’m glad I picked you. I think Alex is great at his job and if I found myself in need of your services I would come right back. The staff here is great.
- Andrew


The staff at ProCare provides excellent customer services and makes you feel completely comfortable. I would absolutely recommend ProCare to family and friends.
- Michael

Therapy after surgery is never a pleasant experience but ProCare did a great job getting me through it. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and made my visits enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate returning if I ever needed their services again or recommending ProCare to family friends. Thank you ProCare.
- John 


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