Nutrition Testimonials

Our staff nutritionist, Alyssa Cellini, will help you create the right eating plan to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for weight loss, optimal performance and health maintenance. Here's what our patients are saying...


Alyssa taught me how to make good choices and explained the reasons behind everything. Her program isn't a diet, it is a healthy lifestyle of eating. After 2 months my husband and I were back to our high school weight and my husband was off his blood pressure medication. We never felt better!

- C.S.


Triglycerides went from 450 to 138, cholesterol from 200 to 168. What a difference!
- S.R.


Alyssa does a great job explaining what is going on with your body. This is the first time in many years that I was able to lose weight. I enjoy the one-on-one interaction and the tailored food plan that works for me. 
- S.E.G.


I ran 80 seconds faster than my target time for my long run (8miles) this past weekend. Unheard of before for me! I still can’t believe it. You are making me crazy fast. Haha I guess that’s what good and proper nutrition can do for you…
- F.E.


I am feeling great, thanks, the vitamins have helped big time, I feel less and less fatigued. I have been doing very well with my training and I am feeling great, going back to the gym was a bit harder than I thought. The 10 mile went great I did 1 hr and 35 minutes but on the first mile I had to stand in line for the bathroom for almost 7 minutes, so 1 hr and 29 minutes is more of a realistic time, yesterday I did my interval workout and felt fine. 
- G.A.


I finished my first Olympic triathlon! I truly believe it was my new diet that helped me cross the finish line. Thanks! :) 


Thank you so much, for everything! You have taught me so much and I am so appreciative – I feel like I can navigate anything and always know how to feel and look my best!
- M.N.


Today I fit in a suit I have not worn in a year, Thank you!
- S.P.


I did my long run (10 miles) on Saturday and hit my target time per mile (7:36). I even ran the 10th mile at 7:30. I could never do that a year ago! 
- F.E.


I actually feel human! Anyway, just had to share because I think whatever you are doing is working. Thank you!
- C.M.

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